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I’m excited about going to SXSW 2009 this year in Austin, TX. I’m attending the Interactive event and it takes place March 13-17. It is my first year attending the event and all I have heard is how many great connections were made and friendships created at SXSW 2008. It will be great to meet online friends face to face.

Who I Want To Meet

I want to meet you! So, lets meet up for a coffee. I don’t have a lot of requirements because SXSW is more of a social event and a place to build relationships.

  • I would like to meet companies and individuals in the SEO, Social Media and Analytics industries. 
  • Additionally, I have little knowledge of podcasting and vlogging and would enjoy meeting you if your in to that kinda thing. I would like to grow my brand into the arena.

Contact me on twitter or here or SMS text message is good too.

Other Resources

There are a couple sites I’m using to plan out my schedule at SXSW. and My SXSW. You can find me via my agenda Here.

There is a great resources list posted by Laughing Squid here.Laughing Squid has a diverse collection photos and links that are very informative. Also, The Best SXSW Resources list found here is another good one!

Can’t forget Gary’s SXSW Party Guide.. “smashing”!

I Phone Apps

I will be using the following during my visit. They are diverse but I find these are the ones that I use most often and help ease the work life/ home life balance in check.

(You can pick any or all of them up here: )

For Fun Time

(when the laptop battery is usually dead and I am without a book. I do love books.)

  1. Shazam: It recognizes when I hear songs I like it and it recognizes them.
  2. Banner Free: Really fun. Makes time square banners.
  3. I Can Has Cheez Burger: Everyone need a laugh or a good giggle.
  4. Movies: Love movies see more than I’d like to admit too.
  5. Handy Level: Secret passion – Interior decorating.
  6. Chess: Keeps the mind sharp.
  7. KOI Pond: For the entertaining fishies.

Traveling Apps

(SUPER helpful)

  1. Around ME: Navigation.
  2. Google Maps: Navigation.
  3. Twittelator: Twitter Monitoring.
  4. Twitterific: (ya know just in case) Twitter Monitoring.
  5. Pandora: Always need tunes.
  6. White Noise: Calms the soul.
  7. Taxi: Finds me a taxi anywhere nationally
  8. Yelp: Checking local ratings on restaurants, events, anywhere I’m going.

Healthy Life Healthy Apps

  1. IFitness: Helps me choose appropriate workout routine.
  2. Gym Buddy: Monitors my reps, sets my pace.
  3. Livestrong: – nutrition Trying to eat right while on the road.
  4. Yogadeck: Om Baby! Stretch your core.

Connecting to my Social Networks & my Mobile Office

  1. Brightkite: Finds me and my friends (and new friends) nearby (especially fun at SXSW).
  2. Facebook: Gotta keep up with community.
  3. Linkedin: Gotta keep up with community.
  4. Google Reader: RSS streaming.. checking very morning.
  5. I Talk: Records long notes audibly.
  6. Stocks: This intrigues me.. I’m learning more about trading.
  7. Youtube: Video player, ego search.
  8. Dropcard: Email buisness card info instantly with just an email.
  9. Evernote: Great for written notes, photos, voice.

Finally, I pull all my emails through my phone. Think I would feel naked with out knowing what was going on:)


Which IPhone APPS do you find most helpful? Would you recommend any others?


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