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I am a big fan of the Kindle 2 but something about how it was designed seem flawed. They designed a product that is really only a good fit for the traditional generic reader. It is like they missed a whole target market when they design the Kindle unit. The bathtub and beach readers totally got passed up! As a techie girl, the Kindle 2 is a must have if only just because it reads aloud to me.

It is a common and a relaxing practice for me to step away from the glow of my laptop’s monitor long enough to relax my eyes and take a break. My reading is naturally associated with detoxing from the day’s activities. A nice bath, a bizillion bubbles, a glass of wine, and a good book is a great combination.

Unfortunately, when my book slips from my grasp and drops in the tub it is a $5-$20.00 dollar loss and not a big deal. When the kindle drops I will be in tears. It might even float, don’t know and don’t want to find out. I share Geek Sugar’s experience.

Design Flaw: The $359.00 rubber ducky

At the beach there is sand; and in my bath tub there is water. Both neither are good when exposed to my gagets!

I am impressed that in a rush to get a new product out the door they would be so uninvested in their other reader personas. If the Kindle is designed to go where my other wifi devices cannot then why would Amazon blantently ignore beach goers and the bathers? Seems foolish. So I’ve happily invented the “Zindle” for just such times of concern.

The “Zindle” is the for all you wannabe Mac Guyver’s out there who want to enjoy your Kindle with out the concern of certain death. It is an easy solution to a potential costly hassle of replacing your device. Its a “high-tech” Ziploc bag that waterproofs your device and saves you from the accidentally exposure to water and sand. If your really looking for the trendy version you can purchase a whanganui bag.

Additional Merchandising Solution:

Dear Amazon, Online sales are not the only answer to distribute your product. Follow in the way of apple kiosks and please at least place them in airports. Throw a couple free books on the new Kindle for the purchase. Think about it.

In Conclusion (The image is not me at all. Nice try. The Kindle is real.)

What design flaws do you see in the Kindle?

What issues do you have with the Kindle?

Do you own one?

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