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It is the night before I fly out to Austin for SXSW Interactive Festival and I am so excited. SXSW 2010 is sure to be a blast and I’m eager to meet those I have not met before. I totally encourage you to come say “Hello” if you see me. I have more than a handful of appointments, brain storming sessions lined up which always turns in impromptu meetings in the hallway! I also own Blue Blazing Media and we are growing digital marketing group. I definitely will be scouting for cutting edge individuals making waves in their own specialities. Blue Blazing Media is looking build some professional relationships as well.

Who do you want to meet at SXSW? Why do you want to meet them? Do you have a meeting setup already?

Social Events:

MY. SXSW is a good start if you are looking for a list but most sponsers are all running their own events. Here are some good links to events but it has been my experience the best events are the ones you find out about while you are on site. I will be Foursquare -ing and Gowalla– ing my location most places that I end up. FourWhere looks quite interesting as well. has a great search tool and of course Googling will  give you excellent results.

So … lets connect up! Twitter, Facebook, Email (I respond quickest to tweets at conferences)




Elizabeth Hannan is a seasoned Digital Business Strategist recognized by Inc. Magazine, CBS, Business Journals and others. At Blue Blazing Media she serves as Chief Digital Strategy and User Experience Designer consultant. In 2013, her first book Naked Experience will publish. When not creating content you can find her speaking.

Elizabeth is also the founder of WhenToZen, a community of traveling women entrepreneurs and executives finding healthy life balance and adventure offline.

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