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With the fine tuning of my own speaker kit in mind I decided to share my notes from Gary’s presentation with the world. Personally, I prefer his style of presentation as it closest to my own presenting goals. Particularly, I like that he opens up the mic to solve problems on the spot rather than delegating to the crowd.

Gary Vaynerchuk (@GaryVee) always is entertaining and insightful. I’ve rarely miss a presentation of his speaking engagements when I am in attendance of the same event. His presentations are rarely the same and they are hard not to get charged up and motivated from.

There are parts of his presentation that resonate long after the event. He is very straight forward and at not PC sometimes but the world isn’t sugar coated.
So, I figured I’d share some of his quotes from SXSW 2010 today as accuratly as I remember them. It is important to see in between the lines and to formulate your own impressions and call to actions (CTA) based upon your own motivations. I do feel that Gary approaches many topics with and exceptional force of no nonsense business sense only taught to a select few from the school of hard knocks. 

This SXSW 2010 presentation was by far the best I’ve every attended and the rapping/beat-boxing at the end was phenomenal.


Memorable Quotes From South By Southwest 2010

  • “You are at SXSW so you already have the head start on everyone else.”
  • “B/c you’re at #SXSW you have no idea how far ahead of the rest of the world you are.”
  • “No exact right answer.”
  • “Value is determined by what you put into it.”
  • “Did it get Ridiculous?”
  • “People want to scale too much. One on one is the way. You can’t scale caring it is not authentic. Small and powerful is NOT bad.”
  • “Don’t try and sell people social media and twitter. They get it or they don’t.”
  • “The internet is 15 years old and hasn’t had sex yet.”
  • “You can’t put out projects that you don’t use yourself.”
  • “Question, “How do you turn it off?” Answer, “I can’t. It’s in me.”
  • “He has talked to 100’s of old people and NONE of them said they wished they made more money. They wanted more family time.”
  • “Being thankful and showing gratitude seems to be an important part of @garyvee’s work & life.”
  • “I roll up on 90 year old people randomly.”
  • Ques: how do you keep everything involved with a new business running and everything? Answer: Surround yourself with awesome people. You have to love them like they are your family. Don’t take them for granted.”
  • “People completely underestimate ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re welcome.”
  • “Real time data is sexy.”
  • “Never sell out. Don’t move away from your core values and beliefs.”
  • “Analytics are not my favorite. Don’t just bail because of a reports. Businesses were NOT built in six months. Bring in talent in and stay the course.”
  • “1.7 billion people online everyday. Only small fraction are in US.”
  • “Comment on other blogs that you respect. Leave credibly comments.”
  • “Agencies need to be creative and NOT play politics to get and keep clients.”
  • “Content is the cost of entry to getting folks into your world.”
  • ” People are completely under estimating please & thank you.”
  • “Take chances and try to make amazing things happen. When I see a process I’ve already won. Live for the process.”
  • “Family life balance you have to think about.”
  • “If people say you shouldn’t pursue business around your passion they are haters. Don’t believe them.”
  • “The best business development people are Robots.”
  • “The internet is like a teenager: 15 years old and haven’t had sex yet.”
  • “Jizz – Hut” (no comment you had to be there. Take your mind out of that dark place.)

My personal favorite: “Content is King but Marketing is the queen and we all know who rules the kingdom. 




You can find out more about Gary at any of the links below.

Disclaimer: Gary is a friend of mine but his personal passion for the social business model is very motivating and I feel comes from a solid business sense I don’t see in many.

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