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Have you ever thought about what makes you memorable to others? Face to face meeting is the easy part but what about when you are found online first? Whether you are a corporate entity or a personal brand online representation can become lost in a sea of anonymity. It is always the relationship and trust that builds the friendship and makes the sale.

K.I.S.S rules apply here. On your site you want to guide your site traffic with ease to the trusting part of equation and an About US page that is engaging is an easy solution to missing link in the online. conversation.

Elements Of A Great About US page:

-Keep in mind these info blocks should never be more that a paragraph in length. Brevity is key. Remember, you can embed links to other pages in your site that may contain more information for the reader.

Attention Grabbing Headline
Visual: Image of yourself, you can add a prop to be more memorable. If you are corporate of an “actual” employee not a stock image. Preferably and ambassador or someone I would actually meet at a conference.

You can also embed a basic nice-to-meet-you video as well. I particularity love these! Body language is key here.

About YOU
Your bio, essentially your elevator pitch. How do you help others through your knowledge and expertise. You can even roll out a couple memorable bullet points.You could add some upcoming events that you will be at where I can meet you.

Be Proud Of Your Accomplishments
For example, last year my strategy raise sales X% in X months. Be creative and accurate.

Be Human
For example, share something that is not common knowledge but shows you have a passion for something beyond work.

“This is not common knowledge but I started my first company at 14. I owned a local landscaping company mowing lawns in exciting shapes and designs like baseball fields. The money I saved I used to buy riding time at the local horse barn.”

Connect – Call To Action
Give the site visitor a place to connect to you in a soft fashion. This would be a handful of social icons or a newsletter sign up. Recent blog posts, etc. If if it important to you you can emphasize your location. I am always in a major city so emphasize the local element is unnecessary as I go see my clients where they are most times.

All of this is encourage your site visitor to take the next step and take an action. An action could be qualified as follow you one Twitter, FB or joining your newsletter or more.

In the end, as a site visitor I want my site experience to be pleasant and build a sense of recognition and trust. I need to leave your site wanting to know more about you and your company. The easiest way to screw up this experience is to never update your page, get me lost in your site, try to bum rush be to the buy page and so on. If it feels like sandpaper on my friendly feeling towards you I am off your site and on your competitors site.

Samples of About US Pages


  • What else do you like to see on an About US page?
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