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Beta testing is a great opportunity to test new technology before it hits the market the general public. There are great rewards to testing software that helps to benefit the social and online marketing community. Over at Blue Blazing Media we beta test software with some of the projects that were currently working on. We try and give as much constructive feedback as much as possible. If it seems to fit into our industry we will blog about the product as well. During a pursuit to be a beta tester it is best to understand that there is an alpha tester version as well. Alpha testers are early on in the process before beta testers in the technical process of a software release.

In theory, most alpha testing is to work the bugs out where at the point of beta testing most of the bugs have been already worked out. We don’t do as much alpha testing only because were on the front line and some of the technical issues we cannot offer accurate feedback on.

How To Become A Beta Tester?
Ask companies coming out with new products is the simplest approach.
Blog and write reviews about products that you have worked with before.
Who we would like to be a beta tester for?
We beta test all sorts of software products! If you are out there social and SEO monitoring conversation tools, educational and community platforms and social optimized technology.


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