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I have this debate going with a client of Blue Blazing Media. So you have your community and it is rocking and rolling and the feedback and interaction is grand. But the question that comes into debate is how does this exposure translate in to a value for the company, business or individual? Where are the hints of trouble that act as bread crumbs to build your business in a positive fashion?

Which is a more valuable response: A positive endorsement OR a negative complaint?

As a marketer I enjoy the sweetness of a compliment as much as the next company. But it gives me nothing constructive to work with.

From a business process, I want to always make my systems and processes easier for the user. I feel a negative complaint or user generated suggestion is far more worthy. Yes, address the issue; you have to put out the associated fires but you have to keep the issue in mind for consideration when building your company larger. User generated feedback is a priceless commodity.

If no one tells you what part of your business sucks how will you know that it is a broken process part in your system?

In general, we live in an environment and society where it seems wrong to complain and express open honesty about a process that is difficult to complete. As a community manager I want the feedback and love the negative stuff. How can I make my online community or company better if I don’t have an honest opinion of it’s deficits?



Do you prefer the rose colored glasses or a complaint with a little more bit?

Is there one situation where you have been in that one sort of feedback was better than another?

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