Where Is The Passion?

Jive From The Hive is devoted to determining how the strength of people combined can make or break your brand in the online marketing arena. Through the process of creating captivating content that resonates with your community/demographic and maintaining an overly active level of direct engagement you can holistically grow your brand name to a quantum sustainable for long-term growth.

There are hundreds (probably more?) marketing tools out there that are easily accessible and no strategy or breakdown of algorithms to outline how and why such campaigns work or don’t work.
What Is This All About?

In this blog I discuss the woven nature of the online marketing environment and how the following topics MUST be combined and over lapped for a business to achieve a higher level of success online. Individually, the topics below can not achieve what a cleverly laid out multi-tiered strategy or ecosystem can accomplish.

Business development has a need to evolve with revolutionary techniques primarily because the social environment has changed the way we do business.

  •     SEO
  •     SEM
  •     Social media and networking sites
  •     “SEO-Social”
  •     “Social-Sales”
  •     Word of mouth infrastructure
  •     Content aggregation
  •     Community engagement
  •     Analytics
  •     Blogging
  •     Media (Webinars, Podcasts, ITunes, Kindle, etc.)
  •     Inbound marketing techniques


The task is always not what to do but when and where is the right time to complete them. There are a  multitude of techniques to achieve proper brand usage and build a loyal community that stands behind you regardless of the riot that may occur.

What’s Inside

Jive From The Hive approaches relevant issues facing all business development projects. During this revolutionary time when how we define a customer and our own social response is inevitably changing its important to be helpful to all those around you.



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