Recommendations For Elizabeth

Michelle Conlon
Michelle Conlon
I highly recommend Elizabeth as a top notch social media marketing strategist. She has a unique ability to use the tools in social media to connect with many people and promote the efforts at Pragmatic Marketing. Her willingness to learn new things keeps her on the cutting edge of technology and the latest trends in social media.
Jennifer Shaw
Jennifer Shaw Copper State Restaurant Technologies
“If you are ever having trouble finding a good Web designer/Social Media Director. Elizabeth is the woman for the job!

Elizabeth is the most talented person I know! She never loses sight of the what the objective is! I can’t speak highly enough of her talents. Furthermore, Elizabeth is intelligent, responsive, trustworthy, consistent, reliable, and easy to work with. She listens to your every need!

You will not be disappointed!”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Dina Riccobono
Dina Riccobono Crush Ads
“Elizabeth is a powerhouse marketer and social media master. Her ability to maintain a successful agency while growing her network through speaking engagements, conference tours, and other events is incredibly impressive. I highly recommend working with Elizabeth for any of your marketing projects.”
Gelie Akhenblit
Gelie Akhenblit
“What I appreciate most about Elizabeth is that she is extremely thorough and diligent. If she comes up with a solution, I know that it’s going to be a solid solution because of the research that she puts into her work. It’s not anything that has to be questioned…and it’s important to have people on your team that you can trust like that. Elizabeth is always looking for ways to add value and she’s constantly learning so she can keep brining new ideas to the table. She’ll also very direct and to the point, which saves a lot of time. I enjoy working with her and I am happy to recommend her for anyone’s team!”

Richard Sailing
Richard Sailing VP of Education and Member, American Marketing Association (AMA)
“I worked closely with Elizabeth while we both served on the board of the American Marketing Association. It was a pleasure to work with someone that has such high energy and enthusiasm for new and fresh ideas as I. She has solid expertise in seeing the big picture and how to connect the dots between the different marketing strategies from offline to online and social media. Witnessing her impressive work on the board as well as her accomplishments for her clients through her role at Pragmatic marketing, I highly recommend her to anyone needing help with effective implementation of social media into the marketing mix.”
Karen Kallet
Karen Kallet
Elizabeth worked on the board a AMA Phoenix and consulted in online marketing trends. She has also helped with the job transiton programs.

Mark Yeager
Mark Yeager
Liz is an expert in social media. She is consistently ahead of the curve in terms of new technology, trends in media and online data. I highly recommend Liz to anyone who is looking for guidance on how to build a tremendous amount of awareness through social media and social networks with an integrated strategy.
John Springfield
John Springfield CCH Woltzers Kluwer
Elizabeth is amazing. She has the passion and skills to stay on top of the ever-changing work of Social Media. Her creativity, expertise, and diligence have successfully placed Pragmatic Marketing on the Social Media map. A direct result of her efforts is an explosion of growth in the Pragmatic Marketing web community. What a Goldmine!
Jean Velonis
Jean Velonis
Elizabeth’s ability to surround her clients with the social frenzy that she has is fantastic. She really puts herself out there and goes above and beyond to maximize awareness in our industry. She always has fresh ideas to bring to the table and love technology that makes Life Easier not complicating it
Jennifer Jackson
Jennifer Jackson Rock Me Arizona Events
“When my company was in need of a Web Site and Social Media Strategist, I was referred to Elizabeth of Blue Blazing Media through a local networking group and I’m pleased to say the results have been fantastic!

Elizabeth has “come to my rescue” on tight time lines and her knowledge of the Social Media world is exceptional. One of Elizabeth’s attributes is being able to take a project and run with it.  It’s a peace of mind to know Elizabeth keeps my company Social Media savvy without me personally having to be that savvy.

Rock Me Arizona Events- President

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity